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My name is Nicholas Luther, and I am a Freshmen at NC State. I am part of the class of 2019. I currenty plan to pursue a BS in Computer Science. I chose CS because coding is something I enjoyed doing in high school. I may also try to dual major in Computer Engineering.

My favorite past time is hunting for treasure. But beware, for it is usually guarded by fierce creatures such as rabbits. Nevermind the silly little frenchmen. In cases where The Killer Rabbit of Caerbonnog threatens band of merry men consult the Book of Armaments for use of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. Also, make sure to count to exactly three, no more, no less.

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No jokes here. Just a resume.

Making a Pizza, the Correct Way

  1. Buy some dough
  2. Buy some tomatoes
  3. Buy tons of toppings
  4. Buy an Authentic Italian Cook

Class Expected Grade
E115 S
E101 A
EC 205 A
There used to be a cool grenade here.