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My name is Noah Russ, and I am planning on majoring in chemical engineering. I chose this because the major includes all of the prerequisites for medical school. My main goal is to graduate with several options. With chemical engineering, I can graduate and work as an engineer or I could easily apply to medical school. The possibilities are endless.

My favorite hobby is to run. Running is a great way to get away from the classroom and relax. It also helps you keep in shape. I feel like I do better in class when I run or do other exercise activities. Running is the best.

Wolfware, My Second Favorite Website

How To Make Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches

  1. Get Two Pieces Of Bread Out Of The Bread Bag
  2. Put Peanut Butter On One Piece
  3. Put Jelly On The Other Piece
  4. Eat The Sandwich

Class Grade
Chemistry A-
Ancient History A+
E115 S

Usain Bolt