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Greetings, My name is Nick Starrett, a freshman at NC State intending to be a Chemical Engineer with a possible dual major with Pulp and Paper Engineering. I want to do this because I have a lot of interest in Chemistry, as well as in making money in the future, so the combination makes sense for me.

My hobbies include many sports, such as basketball, football, soccer, golf, tennis, and ultimate frisbee, as well as disc golf. I often spend time hanging out with friends, usually eating or drinking.

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How to do Calculus Homework
  1. Collect notebook, pencil, laptop, and calculator.
  2. Pull up website.
  3. Use Phone for 3 hours until theres only fifteen minutes left before homework is due.
  4. Panic and rush through homework.
Course Grade
CH 101 A-
MA 141 B
E 101 A+
EC 201 A