Hello, my name is Norman Urbanek. Welcome to my website.

This is a photo of myself after graduation. If you click on the picture, you can contact me through email.

Education Background

I am a first-year student currently enrolled at North Carolina State University. I intend on majoring in Mechanical Engineering and I am anticapating to graduate in 2020.

Why I want to Major in Mechanical Engineering

I want to major in Mechanical Engineering because I enjoy building and designing projects. I want to focus primarily on projects related to alternative energies and renewable resources. I would like to eventually open an engineering firm, but I want solutions to the Earth's enviornmental issues as my number one motive.

Experience and Skills Related to Major

Class Course Title Semester
ES200 Sustainability and Climate Change Fall 2016
E114 Intro to Computing Enviornments Spring 2017
GC 120 Foundations of Graphics Fall 2017