Hello World!

My name is Niklaus Cody Winkler and I am a freshman graduating in 2018. I am a biomedical engineer major. I chose this major because I enjoy the human body. My father was a doctor, and I wish to carry on that type of career path, but just in an innovative way. It is going to be an interesting 4 years!

My favorite hobby is to work out. To me working out is a huge stress reliever. I used to play baseball in high school and working out was a huge part of my life. Now I wish to just stay in good physical shape. Plus I have a lot of friends who enjoy this hobby as well.

A movie service Movie
  1. Take two pieces of bread and lay them side by side, but make sure there is no crust
  2. Retrieve the mustard lettuce bacon ham and bbq sauce, as well as a pickle for a side item
  3. Place the lettuce, bacon, ham, mustard, and bbq sauce on the left piece of bread in that order
  4. Place the right piece of bread on top of the half made sandwich and place your pickle to the side
Class Grade
MA 141 B+
CH 101 A
E 101 A