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Hello all. I had a difficult decision to make when I chose which college I would go to. I was in between two colleges, but eventually I chose Paper Science and Engineering at NC State. It is a difficult and long program, so I expect to graduate either in December of 2020 or May of 2021.


I was always unsure what I wanted to major in. I had considered chemistry, but eventually some ambassadors at UNC Charlotte convinced me to consider engineering. Because of this, I applied to NC State as an engineering undeclared major. Through this, NC State's College of Natural Resources found and invited me through their "bait letter" to check out their Paper Science and Engineering (PSE) major. Among the many draws to program, the main ones that influenced me were the sizable scholarship, the personable head profesor, the ability to dual major in PSE and Chemical Engineering, and the small college feel of the major. Some other reasons I liked the major were the large starting salary, and the flexibility of jobs after getting the dual degree. I may go into the paper industry, but I have also thought about pharmaceuticals or technology.

Special Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
PSE 201 Pulp & Paper Tech Spring 2017
CH 221 Org Chem I Fall 2017
MA 341 Appl Diff Eq I Spring 2018
CHE 311 Transport Proc I Fall 2018
PSE 332 Wood Pulp Chem Spring 2019