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Hello, my name is Nick Joslin. I am currently a Nuclear Engineering major at North Carolina State University. I chose to go into Nuclear Engineering because
I believe that energy is an important foundation of any modern society. Nuclear science and technology will likely play a role in our eventual clean energy future,
and I sincerely hope that I can contribute in some way through my training and knowlege of nuclear science and technology.

Although I am not currently employed, I worked as a math tutor in my hometown of Greensboro, NC before choosing to go back to school full-time.
Before working as a math tutor, I was employed by the Coca-Cola Company as a product merchandiser. Eventually, I would like to work in the nuclear
power industry, helping to develop and integrate the next generation of safer and more efficient nuclear reactors.

My Favorite or Most Interesting Classes

  1. Introduction to Nuclear Engineering (NE 201)
  2. Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (Ma 401)
  3. Introduction to Computing: MATLAB (CSC 113)
  4. Engineering Statics (MAE 206)

Clubs I Find Interesting

Club Name Website
High-Powered Rocketry Aerial Robotics
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