Welcome to my webpage! I am Cole Leppert.

Pic of me

Information about my education at NC State

I hope to pursue a degree in Computer Science as well as a minor in Criminology. I find both of these fields very interesting and want to eventually work in cybersecurity. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University and plan on graduating in May of 2020.

Why I want to pursue that major

I want to work in the cybersecurity field because growing up I always loved crime shows and wanted to do something to "fight crime" but the older i got, the less I wanted to be an actual cop. Now I want to get a job with a big company and prevent all the crazy cyber terrorism and hacking that happens in modern society.

Unordered List of Skills pertaining to my degree

Class Course Title Semester
Freshman Calculus 1 1st
Freshman Chemistry 1st
Freshman Calculus 2 2nd
Freshman Physics 2nd