Welcome to my Homework 6 assignment.

My name is Noah Sunmmerville. I am a freshman. I am currently a first-year engineer, and plan to apply for a CODA in computer engineering. I am choosing to major in computer engineering because I find the subject matter very interesting, and want to work with and on cutting edge technology. I'd also like to make a positive difference in the future of technology.

My favorite hobby would have to be split between playing tennis and playing video games together with my friends. I started playing tennis in my sophomore year of high school, and continued playing for 3 years on the school team. Now, I play tennis casually with my roommate when ever we get free time. I enjoy playing video games with my friends because it allows me to relax and hang out with them even if we aren't at the same school or town.

twitter picture My Resume
  1. Call Dominos
  2. Ask for a 3-topping large pizza with Bacon, pepperoni, and sausage
  3. Ask for delivery, and deliver to Sullivan hall
  4. Pay the driver, and eat the pie.
Class Expected Grade
MA 241 87
CH 111 85
EC 205 90
tennis picture