Welcome to the Fan Zone

Welcome to my site, I’m Nate Maynard. I am taking this class to build my skill set and not toward any degree. So I really do not have a major, I have worked on campus for almost 22 years. When I started to work here Jim Valvano was the head basketball coach. NC State also won the ACC championship that year. The campus has changed a lot in 22 years but still feels like home!

My thoughts on how we might out do the folks in Chapel Hill for Halloween is to get the students more involved activities. I think similar to the Homecoming events we could start Halloween decorating contests between the various groups. I think this could also be something the staff could take part in as well.


Halloween is a great time for everyone and should be shared with all of NC State’s family. If you like this idea drop me a note Nate Maynard

Taking this class has been a lot of fun, for more information on this class check it out by clicking on the Logo.


Here is a list of my favorite college footballs teams.

1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice
NC State UCLA Cincinnati

Here’s my class schedule and the expected grade. I hope it works out!

Class E115-067
Grade S