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Hi, my name is Noah Perez and I was born and raised in Asheville,NC. I transfered from my local community college in 2017 and I'm currently majoring in Electrical Engineering. I might double major in Computer Engineering but I'm still undecided.

As of this moment I don't have a job beacuse I'm focusing on school. I don't really have a dream job, but I have some ideas. I'd prefer to work with something that involves space like working for NASA. If not that I would probably work with aircrafts so it'd be nice to work for Boeing or somewhere similar.

Classes I'm Currently Taking or Want to:

  1. E 304 Intro to Nano Science and Technology
  2. ECE 302 Intro to Microelectronics
  3. ECE 209 Computer Systems Programming
  4. ECE 303 Electromagnetic Fields

Clubs I'm interested in:

Club Name Link to Website
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers(SHPE)Link
Adventure Club Link