Nicholas Gardocki's Webpage

My name is Nicholas Gardocki, I am a junior at North Carolina State University. I am in the college of engineering pursuing a degree in computer science and software engineering. I decided to go into engineering because I enjoy problem solving and logic problems, computers captured my interest because there is so much that can be accompished with computers in this day and age.

My hobbies include lifting, running, and brazillian jiu jitsu. I enjoy the outdoors and camping, which works well with the Army ROTC program I am in. Most of my summers are spent doing training for ROTC and we do a lot of field training exercises outdoors. As part of this program I have spent two months training in Fort Knox on tactics and other soldier skills, I also spent a month in Romania teaching english and learning about the culture.

Some of my strengths are adaptability, working hard, and being able to assess situations cooly. Some things I need to work on are being more outspoken and not as much of a perfectionist. I can get wrapped up working on small programs trying to make them perform perfectly which can be very time consuming.