Niko Lahanis

Hi there! Welcome to my Independent Assignment No. 5. Below you will find answers to this week's Independent Assignment questions, and in the process you will learn a little bit more about me. Enjoy!

My name is Niko Lahanis and I am a first year engineering student at NC State University. I intend to major in Mechanical Engineering during my time here, while also obtaining a minor in Sustainable Energy. I chose this major because I have always been interested in both automotives and aerospace vehicles, and a Mechanical Engineering degree provides me the flexibility to work with either. I also decided to get a Sustainable Energy minor so that I can potentially be involved with facets of industry and research that are working to help practically apply sustainable energy solutions to everyday vehicles.

My dream job would be something that involves working with cars or planes. Like I said above, an ideal job for me would be something where I am helping to further improve the automotive or aerospace industry, preferably in terms of improving the efficiency of sustainable energy applications in these vehicles. I love cars and planes, and waking up everyday to a job involving them would be something that I would enjoy and look forward to doing.


My Favorite Classes So Far

(In Order of Importance)

  1. HEST 261
  2. E101
  3. MA141
  4. E115 :)

Clubs I'm Interested In

Club Website Link
Pack Motorsports Club
International Business Club