N. G. Medhin
Office Harrelson 315
tel: 919 513 3585
Email: ngmedhin@ncsu.edu

Service Activities:
Co-Director : Operations Research

Courses Fall 09:

MA 719 Vector Space Methods in System Optimization
Tuesday, Thursday: 3:00-4:15

OR 506: Nonlinear Programming
Tuesday, Thursday: 10:15-11:30

Courses Fall & Spring 08/09:

MA 793C: Mathematical Theory of Optimal Control
Tuesday, Thursday: 8:30-9:45

MA793D: Mathematical Theory of Optimal Control
Continuation of MA 793C, Spring 2009.

Office hours: Tu, Th: 1:30-2:30 or by appointment, or just walk in.


Current Research Activities focus on:

Optimal Control Theory, Differential Games, Optimization, Stochastic Control and Applications, Mathematical Theory of Sociodynamics, Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Applications.


(1) H. T. Banks, N. G. Medhin, G. Pinter, MODELING OF VISCOELASTIC SHEAR: A NONLINEAR STICK-SLIP FORMULATION Dyn. Sys. And Appl. Vol. 17 (2008), 383-406.

(2) N. G. Medhin, A Multiscale Model For Rubber Viscoelasticity Under Shear Deformation. Communications in Applied Analysis 12 (2008), 1-12.

(3) H. T. Banks, J. B. Hood, N. G. Medhin, and J. R. Samuels,  A STICK-SLIP/ROUSE HYBRID MODEL FOR VISCOELASTICITY IN POLYMERS, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 9(2008) pp. 2128-2149.

(4) N. G. Medhin, Wei Wan, COMPETITION FOR MARKET IN THE LAST STAGE OF PRODUCT LIFE-CYCLE: A DIFFERENTIAL GAME APPROACH, Communications in Applied Analysis 12 (2008), 113-136.

(5) H.T. Banks, J.B. Hood and N.G. Medhin, A molecular based model for polymer viscoelasticity: Intra-and inter-molecular variability, Applied Mathematical Modelling 37(2008) 2753-2767}

(6) N. G. Medhin, Wei Wan, Competitive advertising in a duopoly: a stochastic differential game approach, Comm. Appl. Analysis 13(2009), pp. 245-270.

(7) N. G. Medhin, Gloria Porter, Constrained Multiobjective Control Problems: Application to Social Networks, NPSC 17(2009), pp. 385-408.

(8) N. G. Medhin, Wei Wan, Leader-follower games in marketing: a differential game approach, IJMOR, Vol. 2, No. 2 (2010), pp. 151-177.



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