Welcome to my home page!

My name is Nina Ondona. I'm a first year student intending to go into Mechanical Engineering. I want to go into MechE because I love figuring out how things work, I like building things, and I want to design things that will make life easier. Coming in to NC State I kept my mind open to several different disciplines of engineering but I've always come back to mechanical. I took five different engineering classes in high school but explored different fields as well. All of my experiences only confirm that mechanical engineering is the major I want to be in.

I have two favorite animals. The first are giraffes. I like giraffes because they're generally adorable and elegant. My friends like to joke that my love for giraffes is due to my underlying desire to be tall, since I'm pretty short. I can't say I have much to disagree with that statement. My second favorite animal is the ocelot because they are super cute, uncommon, endangered, and again- super cute. I fell in love with ocelot after I did a project on them for sophomore year biology.

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  2. Select desired pizza or create your own.
  3. Look for valid coupons you can use.
  4. Order more pizza because 3 for $6.99 each is a better deal than your original one for $11.99
  5. Put in delivery and payment information.
  6. Anxiously watch the Pizza Tracker until your pizza arrives.
Course Number Expected Grade
E 115 Pass
CSC 113 A-
PY 205 B+
PY 205 A+
STS 214 B+
GC 120 A