Nico Boekschoten's NCSU Webpage

My full name is Nicolaas Hendrik Boekschoten, but I typically go by Nico. My name is of Dutch origin, as my father is a first-generation immigrant (my mother is American). I grew up in Asheville, North Carolina unitl my Junior year of highschool when I transferred to the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham. Currently, I live in Raleigh and am a freshman at North Carolina State University, studying Electrical and Computer Engineering.

As a whole, I enjoy attending school and taking classes related to engineering, such as math and physics. I am also studying Mandarin Chinese, currently I am taking FLC302 offered by NCSU. Besides class, I enjoy cerebral activities such as reading, board (such as catan, power grid, agricola, Magic: the Gathering, etc.) and video (Hearthstone, CS, etc.) games. I also enjoy being outside, and doing activies such as biking, canoeing, hiking and skiing. Additionally, I enjoy traveling, and have been to Central America, Europe, and Asia. I hope to study abroad at some point while at NCSU.

I almost forgot. I also love listening to music. While (unfortunately) I don't play any instruments, I listen to a LOT of music everyday. I link to my spotify playlist can be found if you are interested. (spotify account required)

If you are looking for my resume, you can find it Here .

Hmm... I suppose I overlooked my love of foods. My favorite is not pizza (by any means), but it is a popular option, so here is my preffered variation:
  1. Make your own pizza crust (find instructions elsewhere)
  2. Add a generous helping of pesto as a base (instead of the usual tomato sauce)
  3. Add some gorgonzola cheese
  4. Add some walnuts
  5. Bake until finished

Here is a picture of me backpacking through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park:
backpacking picture

ECE109 Intro to Computer Systems A
MA242 Calculus 3 A
PY208/209 Physics for Engineers A
FLC302 Intermediate Chinese A