Nicholas Mininni's Resume

Picture of Me


I am currently studying at North Carolina State University with an intended major in Biomedical Engineering and an intended minor in physics. My expected graduation date is May 13th, 2020.

Professional Goals

Being surronded by medical staff in my family, I always had the ideology to follow in my family's steps. Unfortunately as I grew older, I realized I was squeamish and the idea of more active medical duty soon became an unsettling idea. Advancing through highschool, I found a love for math and science which lead me to the idea of becoming an engineering. Still feeling the draw of the medical world, I found myself attached to the idea of becoming a biomedical engineer as it encompassed my love for math and science and my yearn to help others through the medical world. With my biomedical engineering degree, I hope to delve into personalized 3D bone graphing and advance the anatomical replacement industry.

Special Skills and Qualities