Hello, Welcome to My homework assignment for E115

My name is Nathaniel Holmes. I will graduate in Spring 2019. My major is
mechanical engineering. I chose this major because I am good at math, and
the air force awarded me an ROTC scholarship to complete this major. Although,
I do not want to be an enginner. My ultimate goal is to become a Combat
rescue officer.

My favorite hobby is marksmanship. My Grandfather taught me to shoot a rifle
when I was a young boy. Since then I have practiced with many different types
of firearms and have become a proficient shooter. My Grandfather is going to
pass away soon, and I will inherit his old colt revolver.

my #1 favorite website
My #2 favorite website
  1. toast cinnamon raisin bagel
  2. smear mayo and dijon mustard on bagel
  3. place any available lunchmeat on bagel
  4. add lettuce and sweet grandma pickles
  5. Enjoy!

Class Expected Grade
MA 141 B-
PSY 201 A+
AS 121 A+