Welcome to my page!

My name is Natsuyo Huneycutt. I am in the class of 2019 and plan on studying biomedical engineering. The reason I am interested in this field is because I have a keen interest in immunology and the nature of the immune system that is able to adapt to biological attacks and protect so effectively in order to keep a person healthy and well. I also care about progressing the advancements in the medical field to help the quality of people's lives. Additionally, the innovative style and creativity that is integrated into all engineering fields would allow me to work most effectively.
My favorite hobby would have to be hiking. For one, the views are always stunning on long hikes. I also like to be outside for longer amounts of time instead of being cooped up in a house. Further, it's an enjoyable form of exercise which isn't torturous but is also effective enough to get a workout. I prefer hiking with friends or family so that I can also have a conversation with someone for a good amount of time in a gorgeous environment.

Click on this link for my resume.

  1. Go onto the papa john's website.
  2. Click "Start Your Order" and input your zip code.
  3. Choose some kind of supreme veggie pizza.
  4. Send the order request and tip the delivery boy well.

Class Expected Grade
E115 100
ES100 100
MA242 50