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About SeBa R/C
Seba R/C is a small, local business with a big dream.
We have recently released our line of self balancing radio controlled cars that will level themselves out in the air. We feel that the fear or intimidation of breaking parts as well as trying to maintenance these micro machines is a a reason many people shy away from the hobby, so buy making a car that will break less and,  thanks to our new design, is simply built and easy to work on.

Our Goals and Mission:
Here at SeBa, one of our goals is for you to have fun. SeBa R/C is full of radio controlled enthusiast that want nothing more than for other people to be able to enjoy the hobby, and be able to do it at a reasonable price.  This is a new concept that we have patented to move R/C stunt enthusiast that are new to the hobby and still learning, to be able to jump more and break less parts. Our mission is to make radio controlled car stunts easier for beginners thus fulfilling our goal of less broken parts and more fun for a new comer to the hobby