Welcome Everybody!

My name is Natalya Voyevodskaya and I am a freshman at NC State. I intend to major in chemical engineering. I chose this major since it involves the use of chemistry and mathematics to solve problems related to the production of chemicals. I enjoy creative problem solving and critical thinking. Also, I was inspired to pursue a chemistry-related degree by my high school chemistry teacher.

My favorite hobby is hiking. Asheville, my hometown, has no shortage of scenic trails to explore. The Appalachian Trail, for instance, features some of the best scenery near Asheville. In addition to hiking, I also love to explore mountain biking trails. I enjoy the thrill associated with the sport of mountain biking.

bellaloved this is my resume
  1. Make the dough
  2. Make the sauce
  3. Gather mushrooms, olives, and cheese
  4. Combine the ingredients
  5. Bake in the oven
Course Expected Grade
Economics B
Calculus I A
Intro to Computing Environments S