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Hi! My name is Nick DiDonna and I am a transfer student. They say I'm a junior, but I consider myself more of a 3rd year freshman. My major is Aerospace engineering, a path to NASA, hopefully! I chose Aerospace because it was the largest number of degrees working in the space industry.

One of the jobs I've had was as a bartender in New York. It was upstate New York, a bit different than the city. It was in the town of Schenectady , a town put on the map by GE. I ended up quitting bartending to work for GE.

A list of my favorite classes, in order from favorite to least!

  1. E115
  2. Introduction to Aerospace
  3. Statics
  4. CSC 113

Clubs I want to joinThe link
Astronomy ClubThe link
Genetics ClubThe link