Welcome to a quick guide from a student's perspective at NC State University.

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My name is Nick Howarth. I am currently a freshman at NC State. I am currently in the
Engineering First Year program. I am planning on majoring in Computer Science. I want to major in
Computer Science, because I want to create programs that will be improve how we are able to use technology.

My favorite break from school would be Summer Break. There are many things to do during the summer.
I love to go swimming and playing sports. Also, I also go to the beach during Summer Break, which is also a
I also work at a summer camp where I supervise over kids. They love to play sports, so I love to play with them.
Summer Break is definitely my favorite time away from school.

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  1. Shape the Dough
  2. Spread the Sauce
  3. Add Toppings
  4. Cook in a Oven
Course Expected Grade
MA 141 A
Economics A
Chemistry B

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