Welcome to my page about cake! I wasn't sure what to write about and my boyfriend chose cake, so I hope you like cake my E115 grader!

Well hey, I thought I would get to write about cake, instead I guess you want to know about me. Much more boring than cake if you ask me. My name Nicola Kelfkens and I am studying Chemical Engineering here at State. Sadly I am just a freshman, but I promise that will change next year! I chose chemical engineering partially because of my father, as he was a chemical engineer, but in truth I have always enjoyed the sciences. Not to mention I have always been pretty good at them. I like to make something out of my work and engineering seemed like the place to be

So more information not about cake, my apologies. However, I get to talk about my favorite break from school! Seeing as I have been here for not even one semester and I don't really want to think all the way back to High School, I suppose I can talk about this past Fall Break. It was very nice to go home, even though it was a very long trip back to Connecticut. Its much pretty up there this time of year, even if it is much colder. I got to go hiking, apple picking and even see my friends, boyfriend, and family. Sounds like a pretty successful break to me. Now thats probably more than you wanted to hear about my break so continue grading away!

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  1. Once again I would have prefered cake, but hey, I like Pizza. Sorry this is going to be a very boring list, nothing like ninjas making pb&j... but pick up a phone
  2. Dial the right number
  3. Demand a cheese pie
  4. Pay for it when it arrives
  5. It eat it fast so no one steals it...sorry that was an extra boring list of how to order a pizza
Class Grade
MA 141 A-
EC 205 A+
HI 207 B+
The place I went apple picking, not cake