Hello and Welcome to my Webpage!

My name is Nicholas Marcellino. I am currently a part of the Class of 2017. I am enrolled in the College of Engineering at NC State with an intended major in Biomedical Engineering. The reason I chose this major is because I want to help people using new and innovative medical technologies. Within Biomedical Engineering, I want to focus on either Biomaterials or Biomechanics.

My favorite break from school is summer break for multiple reasons. One reason why summer break is my favorite break from school is because it lasts the longest out of all breaks. Another reason is that I love warm weather and being outside. During Summer break, I usually get to work at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center with access to tons of resources. Summer break allows for me to spend lots of time with my friends and family back in Maryland.

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  1. Heat the oven to 500 or higher
  2. Divide the dough in half
  3. Roll out the dough
  4. Top the pizza
  5. Bake the pizza
  6. Slice and serve

Class Expected Grade
EC 205 B
MA 141 A
E 115 S
CH 111 B

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