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My name is Neelam Modi. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Economics. I chose to major in BME because I am interested in medicine and the innovation of prosthetics in particular. I am also majoring in Economics because I am fascinated by the subject - I am currently taking an introductory economics course and I am loving every aspect of it. In thinking about my long-term career goals, I would like to fuse my knowledge of Biomedical Engineering and Economics to work on the business side of the healthcare industry.

My favorite hobby is playing basketball. I first began playing basketball for a team when I was nine years old. I have been playing ever since. Though I am not on NC State's Varsity girls basketball team, I still enjoy running to the gym during my free time to shoot around and scrimmage with friends. Playing basketball is an excellent stress-reliever and workout. What can I say? I'm a baller at heart.

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How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  1. Gather two slices of your favorite type of bread.
  2. Gather one slice of your favorite type of cheese.
  3. Buy a stove.
  4. Turn the stove on to a medium-high temperature.
  5. Spread a healthy amount of butter on the two slices of bread and toast until golden brown.
  6. Place the cheese in between the two breads and continue to toast until the cheese is melted.
  7. Remove the freshly made grilled cheese sandwich from stove and enjoy!

My Fall 2014 Class List

Class Expected Grade
Introduction to Agricultural and Resource Economics A+
Introduction to Engineering and Problem Solving A+
Introduction to Computing Environments S
Chemistry - A Molecular Science A
Ball is Life