Hi There Web Browsers!

My name is Nathan Rackers. I am a freshman at NC State University, and I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering. I made this engineering major as my first choice because I enjoy designing physical machines of many types- especially those that involve automative algorithims. NXT Mindstorms and other LEGO toys have been my hobby for most of my childhood, and I revel at being able to design some cool contraption to out-do last Halloween's homemade automated "ghost on a wire". Additionally, I have decided to take on a Music Minor with a Trombone Performance emphasis. This is because I don't want to simply drop playing after having worked on my skills for 6 years.

My favorite hobby at the moment is realistically pc gaming (Mass Effect, Besiege, Skyrim). However, I have defaulted to this hobby mainly because my update to Windows 10 has resulted in the thwarting my real favorite hobby: composing. For a long time I have wanted to create music that would inspire and amaze people. I wanted to create more of the music that I love so much in composers such as Howard Shore, John Williams, and Harry Gregson-Williams. That is why I took AP Music Theory in high school and bought the notation software called Finale. Finale will not work at the moment because of some glitch in my pc's transition to the new operating system. It must be in the drivers. When I can somehow get this capability back, I intend to somehow write a piece that will be played and enjoyed.

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How to Order My Favorite Pizza

  1. Go to www.dominos.com
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions for ordering delivery (account credentials and such) until you reach the menu
  3. Select a pizza size and quantity suitable for your party of consumers, then add sausage, ham, and pineapple
  4. Enter credit card information, submit order and wait while listening to some epic adventure music
Class Expected Grade
Physics for Engineers I A
Calculus II A+
Earth Systems Science A-
Introduction to Computing Environments S
Music Composition