My name is Nathan Stecker, and I am currently in First Year College. I am undecided, but I plan on majoring in either Biomedical Engineering or Materials Science Engineering. I think I would enjoy both of these majors based on the courses I must complete for them, and what kind of jobs I could get from them. They are both heavily scientific, and I am a lover of science. Biomedical is my first choice, followed by Materials Science as a close second. The deciding factor will be the GPA I attain for my CODA period this summer.

My favorite hobby would have to be reading. I have read books all kinds of books since I was a little kid, and enjoyed almost every single one of them. Recenlty, I have not had a lot of time to continue enjoying books due to homework and other extracurriculars I engage in, but I have also recently purchased a Nook for easier access to books. I hope that no i will be able to find more bools and be able to read them with more convenience than before.

  1. Put one slice of provolone cheese on each slice of bread
  2. Toast the bread until the cheese is melted
  3. Put three slices of salami and ham in
  4. Toast for about 30 more seconds
  5. Place tomato slices and lettuce in, then add mayonnaise
Classes Grade Expected
Physics B
Differential Equations A
English B