Welcome to my webpage!!! Here you will learn a little bit more about me.

My name is Nicholas Latz and I am currently a freshman in my first semester at North Carolina State University. Although I have not yet declared my CODA, I am planning on majoring in Chemical Engineering. I chose chemical engineering because it has a wide range of career opportunities within the field itself. I am thinking about going into renewable energy technologies so chemical engineering could help me to develop new biofuels. I could also help the world by working on improving the process of desalination, providing water to those who would otherwise go without. Lastly, I could always go into manufacturing with chemical engineering; someone has to make our cheese!

My favorite thing to do in my freetime is to watch or participate in musical theatre. I started becoming involved with theater during my sophomore year of highschool and as of now I have been in seven shows and I have directed three shows. I love performing and theater allows me to do this while doing the next best thing, singing, at the same time. I am planning on auditioning for NCSU's theater department's spring musical, Little Shop of Horror.

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    How to make a Nutella and Banana Sandwich, My Favorite!
  1. Get bread
  2. Spread Nutella on bread
  3. Put banana slices on top of the Nutella
  4. Close sandwich, eat and enjoy
Class Expected Grade
CH101 A+
MA141 A+
ES100 A
A picture of me and the cast of Aida, the first show that I directed at my high school.