My name is Noah Hartzell-Jordan. I am a Mechanical Engineering Major at North Carolina State University, and am also working on a Computer Programming Minor. This page is a portfolio of my work.

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12/1/2016 This was the final project for my GC120, Introduction to Graphic Communication class. For the project, I chose to model a small battery-powered flashlight. The flashlight was 11 parts. In addition to modeling the flashlight, I created a flashlight holder that is compatible with Nerf® attachment rails and a two-sided pocket clip to replace the clip that comes with the flashlight. The flashlight holder was designed so that it could be 3D printed without problems and the clip was designed to use the same machines and manufacturing process as the original clip that came with the flashlight. Download
Keeper 11/6/2017 The Keeper was a project for my EI201, Introduction to Entrepreneurial Thinking class. During this project, my team and I did research on the homeowner industry, interviewed homeowners, found a common problem, and created plans for a solution. This project is mock-up of the final product. The Keeper unit is a thermal monitoring system for use in the home to monitor kitchens and other fire hazards. The unit is powered by a 9V battery and sends alerts via an app, text message, and email. The alerts are sent whenever the unit detects a fire hazard or waste of utilities such as a stove burner being left on, the faucet left running, Christmas tree lights left on, etc. Download