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Picture of me

My major

I am currently a student at North Carolina State University and am in my second semester of attendance. I intende to major in aerospace engineering with a minor in phyiscs, and hope to be admitted into graduate school afterwards. My xpected graduation date is in May of the year 2020.

Reasons and Intentions

I chose to major in aerospace engineer because I have a fascination for flight and the mechanical processes that make it possible. In the professional world, I hope to work more so in the aeronautical field and aid the design of aircraft. I chose to minor in physics due to the low number of extra credit hours required and my love for phyiscs.

Class Course Title Semester
MAE 250 Intro to Aerospace Engineering Fall 2017
MAE 251 Aerospace Vehicle Performance Fall 2017
MAE 252 Aerodynamics I Spring 2018