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Good day to you reader! I am Nicholas M. Rinz. I am a Freshman attending NC State. I am aiming to pursue a career in Material Science Engineering. I chose this major because of the biomaterial concentration that is offered. I am planning on attending medical school after getting my bachelors degree. Obtaining a degree in Material Science Engineering with a concentration in biomaterials would be helpful.

My favorite hobby is discovering different kinds of music. I listen to all types of music of all cultures. Normally I will open pandora or spotify and start discovering new types of music. My favorite types of music are reggae or island music. The reason why is because when I was a kid my father used to play island music a lot when we were on his boat. Music will always be a part of my life. I love it and hope to enjoy it forever.

Muhammad Ali Underwater Resume

Sandwich Making Time

  1. Get the ingredients
  2. Put the ingredients together
  3. Add condiments
  4. Cut in half and serve
Class Grade in Class
Calc II A
Chem 202 B+
Economics A+
Jimmy Buffett