Welcome to my website

My name is Nick Shirley and I'm majoring in mechanical engineering. There were many different reasons I had for choosing this. A few of them are that I like math and science and that I wanted to do more with physics. However, one of the biggest reasons that I chose engineering is all of the women. I really wanted to be in a major that had a lot of girls so that I could meet new people in the dating scene. I'm not much of a party guy, so I needed to meet girls through academics instead. It is not working out as I originally planned.

My favorite hobby is playing volleyball. I had never played volleyball until I came to college, but it has quickly become my favorite thing to do. I'm on the club team at NCSU and it's great. We are going to regionals at George Mason soon and then we have nationals in Kansas City. I plan on continuing to play for a long time.

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How to make my favorite sandwhich

  1. get a sub roll
  2. put on mayonaise
  3. put on turkey
  4. put on bacon

Class Expected Grade
E 115 S
PY 208 A
GC 120 A