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Who I Am

As a child, I was often described as "a handful." This was my parents' socially acceptable way of telling people they'd made a huge mistake. I eventually grew up and learned to channel the same stubborn resoluteness that resulted in events like sitting down cross-legged in the middle of a New York City crosswalk (because it was "not fair" that my infant brother got the stroller and not me) into a tenacity for reading, writing, and editing. As an adult, I love to Tweet about my life, take photos of my food, and argue with old people at family gatherings about politics. I like bad puns, cheesy jokes, and cheesy pizza, and I don't think I've shut my mouth since I learned how to speak. Let's talk — I promise it'll be fun.

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Where I've Been, How I Got There, and Where I'm Headed


  • The College of New Jersey, 2013 - 2015 - Journalism and Professional Writing
  • North Carolina State University, 2016 - 2018 - English (Language, Writing, and Rhetoric)

I grew up in a suburban New Jersey town and ended up going to college in an even more suburban New Jersey town. The people were amazing (the dining hall food was not) and the experience was a blast but two years into my Journalism program I felt...robotic. I reassessed and did a 180 — then transferred to a school 6 times the size, where I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding as I found my niche.

As a 2018 graduate, my future goals include applying to graduate schools for linguistics programs and seeking jobs in the editing and publishing industries. Right now, I'm interning for an editorial company based out of New York and I absolutely love the behind-the-scenes work it takes to transform a manuscript from something a person typed up between shifts at work to something they proudly show their best friend on a bookstore shelf.

I'm not just interested in others' writing, though. I've been writing since grade school — though the "books" I put together in second grade probably weren't as great as I remember them — and I still want my voice to be heard, whether through magazine writing or publishing feature stories. I have a ton to say and I won't stop until I say it.


Here are some samples of the types of writing I can do. From academic writing to social media promotion, I can handle any task thrown at me. Click each photo to access the full sample!

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Get In Touch

Whether you want to ask me to elaborate on one of my portfolio pieces or you just want to know my Hogwarts house (it's Ravenclaw) I'm always happy to speak with you!