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Hello, my name is Nyawira Nyota and I am freshman double majoring in Paper Science and Engineering and Spanish. Paper Science interests me because of the many opportunities available in the field, as well as the use of chemistry. I chose to double major because I love Spanish and am interested in combining my love of language with engineering in the future.

My dream job would be working with people, traveling and preferably not around a whole bunch of heavy machinery. However, seeing as I am going into Paper Science I do not think I will be getting that. I have never had any other job before though, and I think my first job will hopefully be in the enigneering field.

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Most Interesting Classes:

  1. Sounds of Spanish
  2. Intro to Paper Science
  3. Spanish Oral and Writing
  4. Organic Chemistry
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National Society of Black Engineers Link to Official Website
Multicultural Student Affairs Ambassador Link to Official Website