Start up, Cash In, Sell Out, Bro Down

My name is Nicholas Touchton and I am a freshman. I am currently intended Aerospace Engineering, but I am thinking about changing into Chemical Engineering because I would like to try and go to medical school after I get my bachelors degree. If that does not pan out, then I will have my engineering degree to fall back on.

My favorite hobby is definitely to play basketball. I love the sport and there is something about it that never gets old. I also like to go on trips. When I am older, I plan on traveling the world before I settle down. I believe in living my life to the fullest while I am still physically capable of doing so.

  1. Get some bread
  2. Get some ham
  3. Get some peanut butter and anchoves
  4. Stack it all up and enjoy!

Classes Grades
Calculus2 A+
Bowling A+
Economics A+