Welcome to another of Nathan's web-pages!

Hello, my name is Nathan Roberts and I am a first year engineering student at NCSU. My intended major is Mechanical Engineering, but I am also interested in the Civil and Bio & Ag Engineering programs that the university offers. I am mainly interested in Mechanical Engineering because I have always had a passion for cars and how they work. I would love to one day work in the automotive industry helping to design and build new and innovative auto-mobiles.

Now I shall tell you about my favorite animal. It will sound cliche, but dogs are my favorite animals. They have some of the best attitudes of any domesticated animals, plus they are some of the most loyal companions you can ever have. Also, my favorite thing about a dog is how much love you can give and receive from one.

To see my favorite website click on the picture: youtube logo block You can find my second favorite website by clicking this link: Free Anime!.

How to Order a Pizza

  1. Call Pizza Hut
  2. Select Crust & Size when asked
  3. Select Number of toppings
  4. Place Order
  5. Confirm Order
  6. Pay for Pizza & tip delivery boy
Class Expected Grade
PY 205 B+
IPGE 295 A-
EC 205 B+
E 115 P
Now for a picture of my favorite animal. dog picture