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My name is Nic Schultz and I am a freshman. I came here planning to study Biomedical Engineering. However, after my first semester I am trying to decide between Chemical Engineering and Biomedical. I also might just go ahead and do Mechanical Engineering so that I have a wider range of jobs coming out of college. I'm also very interested in double-majoring in something completely outside of engineering.

It's tough to think of just one favorite hobby, mostly anything competitive is something I like to do. Football, soccer, basketball, and paint-ball come to mind. But I also really enjoy a nice long day spent relaxing and fishing or reading a good book. I've travelled to a decent amount of places with my family and I would definitely love to see the world when I am out of college and hopefully have some money. I hope wherever my career takes me allows for time to travel and to experience the world. I love the outdoors and the idea that there are so many cultures and people who are different from me and I can't wait to experience that on my own.

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How to make my favorite sandwich

  1. Crack two eggs into a pan
  2. Scramble slightly but then let them sit on low heat
  3. While eggs are cooking, put two pieces of bread in the toaster and start to cook two pieces of bacon
  4. When eggs are starting to solidify and puff up, form them with your spatula so that they will fit on your bread
  5. With eggs still on low heat, butter your toast and put a slice of cheese on a piece of toast
  6. When eggs look done, remove from pan and set on a piece of toast
  7. Bacon should be done by now, so place on top of egg and cheese
  8. Close your sandwich and enjoy
Class Grade (Expected)
E115 S
CH221 B
PY205 A
MA242 A