Dis Webpage Doe!

Hello, I am Nicholas Woodward. I am a Freshman here at NC State. I am currently looking to major in Industrial and Systems Engineering.
I chose to major in this because I knew that I really wanted to pursue engineering, and when I looked into it further Industrial really stuck out to me.
I also really like the idea of making processes more efficient and problem solving in the real world.

My favorite hobby is playing video games. I currently dont have a gaming system with me here at State, but at home I have an Xbox One. My favorite type of games to play are sports games.
On campus there are a few places where you and a group of friends can go to play video games. The top places are either at D.H. Hill library or at Talley Student Center!

"This is a great website too!"

How to make my favorite sandwich?

  1. Get the Bread and place the slices apart
  2. Put mayo on one half of the bread and honey mustard on the other
  3. Next add the sliced Turkey to one side of the bread
  4. Add the Provolone Cheese on top of the Turkey
  5. Place the two pieces of bread together to complete the sandwich
  6. Enjoy!

  7. Class Grade
    Calculus I B
    Chemistry C
    Economics B