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My name is Neel, and I am currently a Freshman. I am in the Engineering First Year program with an Aerospace Engineering Intent. The reason I want to go into aerospace is because I've always had a passion for flying. I also enjoy math and physics, so pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering will enable me to learn more about these subjects. I think that gaining experience in the field of aviation would open up a lot of unique professional opportunities in the future.

One of my hobbies is playing the piano, which I've been doing for over ten years now. Playing the piano is a great way for me to relax, especially when I am stressed out. I enjoy learning how to play new songs, as well as learning new techniques. Playing more difficult songs can be challenging, but I enjoy the thrill of finally mastering them. The piano's versatility also makes it exciting to learn new songs of various different genres.

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  1. Go online to your favorite pizza shop's website.
  2. Select the size of the pizza, along with its crust and toppings.
  3. Submit your online order.
  4. Drive to the pizza shop to pay for and pick up your pizza.
Course Name Expected Grade
CH 101 A-
CH 102 A
E 101 A+
E 115 S
ES 100 A
MA 242 A