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My name is Ryan, and I'm not lyin' I'm gonna do some tight rhymin'. I'm a freshman at state and unlike my room-mate I'm gonna turn this in on the right date. 4761 is my favorite number, if you can figure out why then you'll never wonder. Computer Science is what I'll major in, even if I am still matri-cu-lat-in. Even though these rhymes are pretty weak, it's better than having to speak...in front of the class. That's one of my biggest fears and would likely start bringin' tears.

I aint done, rhymings what I do for fun in the sun with my water-gun. The only way to stop it, is to get me distracted with some Reddit. The word hobby is pretty boring, like sitting in a lobby falling asleep snoring. I was told to be appropriate, but that's kind of hard when your favorite word is s***. I think I'm doing pretty well, at least no one has to hear this, it'd make their ears swell. This paragraph is pretty bad, good thing Mr. Barachun is pretty rad and will drop a 'nade on my sheet that contains a good grade.

Hitler Link for Nerds

    Typical Peanut Butter and Dead Childhood Sandwich

  1. Start with a little bit of Unicorn Blood
  2. Then move on to the Leprechaun Tears
  3. Add the Body of Christ on both sides
  4. Lather on some sweet sweet peanut butter
  5. Once that is done, finish it off by squeezing a Big Mac with a side of Forgotten Dreams in the middle
  6. and like that, Boom-shakalaka your finished
Class Expected Percentage of Failure
MA 141 80%
REL 317 85-90%
E 115 S
USC 102 90%
SOC 301 88%

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