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Hello My name is Nik Burton and I'm from Morehead City, North Carolina. I currently attend NCSU as a freshman and am planning on being a Chemical Engineer. I'm not quite sure what led me in the direction of Chemical engineering, all I know is that I loved chemistry in high school. I also really enjoy math and am thinking about a possible minor or a major in Mathematics. With this love of math I plan on becoming a tutor for MA141 next semester.

In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends as well as lifting weights and playing frisbee. I am currently on the roster of NCSU's Ultimate Frisbee Club team, however I may be abandoning that due to lack of time. Aside from frisbee, I really enjoy getting into the gym and lifting weights whenever possible. I also really enjoy hanging out with my friends. As I transitioned into college I noticed myself having a lot more free time but at the same time a lot more work.

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Class Expected Letter Grade
Calculus III A
Physics I C
E101 A+
Eng101 B+