Welcome to my HW and Please be merciful

My name is Nathan Combs and I am a freshman at NCSU. I am currently pursueing a degree in either Paper Science and Engineering or Industrial Engineering. I am interested in Paper Science because of the many opportunities it puts in front of me. Industrial engineering is also one of the engineerings I am interested in because it focuses on a wide variety of subjects. I believe that both majors offer a lot to me and I am interested in learning more about both.

My favorite hobby is sailing sailboats. I enjoy this because it is an activity that allows you to be on the water and do so without harming the ecosystem. Sailing has always captured my attention and its history is one that is inspiring when looked back upon. I currently own a Hobbie Catamaran and am looking to sell it so i can buy a Sunfish. I prefer a Sunfish sailboat over a Catamaran because they are smaller and much easier to manuver. Also, they are easier to set up and do not require as much maintenance.


How to Make My Favorite Pizza

  1. Find your phone
  2. Call Dominos
  3. Order a Pepperoni Pizza
  4. Wait for it to arrive
Class Expected Grade
Chemistry101 B
Math141 A
E115 S