Welcome to My Webpage!

My name is Nick Conlon. I'm a freshman in engineering with a computer science intent. I chose this major because I took a computer science class in high school and found out that I love coding. I am also going to minor in business administration. This combination, while uncommon, will, hopefully, be desirable to employers.

My favorite hobby is playing basketball. I started playing in fifth grade and stuck with it ever since. I didn't play for my high school team. Rather, I found it more fun to play in a recreational/semi competitive league. I have been very busy in college so I haven't had much time to play, but I hope that changes soon.

Reddit Resume
  1. Go to the Papa John's website
  2. Select meat lover's pizza
  3. Input payment information
  4. Pick up from the delivery driver in 30 minutes
Class Name Expected Grade
MA 141 A-
CH 101 A-
HON 202 B+
Michael Jordan