Welcome to My Homework 6 Assignment

My name is Nia Crews and I am a freshman with the intent to major in Biomedical Engineering. Biomedical Engineering is my intended major because I hope to one day make prosthetics for animals. Biomedical Engineering really seems to talk a lot about building prosthetics. With this major I get to combine my passion for both animals and engineering. After undergrad I hope to go to Veterinary School to complete my goals.

My favourite hobby is anything soccer related. Whether it involves watching or playing I love it. Playing soccer is absolutely amazing and I wish I could do it everyday. However watching soccer can be just as fun sometimes. I especially love the women's national team. I'm really looking forward to the Women's World Cup this summer.

USWNT Logo Resume
  1. Take out slices of bread
  2. Put peanut butter on one slice of bread
  3. Put jelly on other slice of bread
  4. Put slices together and enjoy
Class Grade
E115 P
COM 200 B
MA 141 A
USC 102 P
women's national soccer team