Welcome to Nathan Davis' page

Hello, my name is Nathan Davis. I am a first year Engineering student intending to major in Computer Engineering. My interest in Computer Engineering stems from several places; including the production of online content, and a fascination with Computing physical process of turning electrical signals into useful inputs.

Currently, I am working as an independent Math tutor. I began working as a Math tutor in High School - where I discovered my passion for Mathematics and helping others. Like many who people exhibit a passion for foreign language, I am a proponent of Mathematical Literacy. Math, after all, is universal.

Nathan Davis

During my time at NCSU, I would like to take:

  1. Symbolic Logic, MA 335
  2. Technology and Society, SOC 261
  3. Information Systems Management, BUS 340
  4. Microprocessor Architexture, ECE 463

    1. I am currently involved in the following clubs:

      Club Name Website
      Rifle Rifle Team website
      Engineering Council Engineers Council