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My name is Nolan Dluzneski, I'm a freshman and I'm in aerospace engineering. I chose aerospace engineering becauseI have always been interested in science and math problem solving, and it's an interesting field. The salary for aerospace engineersis relatively high which is also a plus. I don't know whether to stay in aerospace or change fields later on, because I have not found what I'm truly interested in yet. I plan on deciding what major I am most interested in as I take more classes.

My favorite break from school is toss up between christmas and summer. Christmas break is shorter, but it is a magical time of the year. Summer is longer and the weather is nice, but boredom kicks in eventually. I wish Christmas break was more than 3 weeks here because many of my friends go back to school on the 25th, I have to go back on the 5th. Living far away from home, these are the only two breaks I get to go home.

Ask Google!
  1. throw some flour in a bowl
  2. put some water in
  3. smack it around until it's dough
  4. throw it in the oven for about an hour with some cheese and sauce
Class Expected Grade
Material science B
Calculus 2 B
History B