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Hello there, my name is Nicholas Reid. I am a first year NC State student in Aerospace Engineering. I chose Aerospace Engineering beacuse I am fascinated with space and 'astroengineering'. I hope to someday work in the space industry, and design rockets and spacecraft. My goal is to contribute to the overall advancement of space exploration, and a degree in Aerospace Engineering is the best place for me to start.

My dream job would be working with the design of spacecraft or rocketry. I would preferebly be working with a major aerospace employer like NASA, Boeing, or SpaceX. I would be involved in the project from its conception to final testing, working specifically on either propulsion, structure, or control systems.

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The classes I am most interested in taking include:

  1. Aerodynamics I
  2. Introduction to Space Flight
  3. Rocket Propulsion
  4. Space Exploration Systems

My Student Organizations:

Club Name Link to Website
Aerial Robotics https://aerialroboticsclub.com
High Powered Rocketry www.ncsurocketry.com