This is my website made for Homework 6, hope you like it! My Second Webpage for E115

My name is Nicholas Hawes but I just go by Nick. I am a freshman here at State and I am planning on majoring in Chemical engineering, however I have yet to CODA into it. I chose engineering because I have always been comfortable with math and science both of which are known to be connected to engineering. I originally wanted to do Biomedical Engineering rather than Chemical, however I was advised by a friend who is a junior at state that Chemical with a biomolecular concentration may be more of what I am looking for. I was hoping to do chemical engineering to possibly create new medicines or compounds to be used by doctors and physicians.

One of my favorite hobbies is magic. I mostly do card magic although I do some tricks involving ropes. Card tricks are my favorite because they are simplistic yet mystifying and they require a lot of dexterity and slight of hand. Card magic is also fun because it allows the audience to get involved and since it is close up it yields better reactions from the audience. I continue to improve my slight of hand and card flourishes in my free time because simple tricks often impress viewers just as much in not more than long drawn out tricks.

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My Favorite Sandwich is made as follows:

  1. Take Toasted wheat bread
  2. Add Grilled chicken breast
  3. Add Smoked Bacon
  4. Add Lettuce
  5. Add Swiss Cheese
  6. Add a thin layer of Honey Mustard to top piece of bread
  7. Enjoy! :)
Class Expected Grade
PY205 B+
Chem201 B+
ENG101 A
E115 S
BIT211 A-
Cool Card Spray