I am Niraj (Batman) Lavani, I am a freshman and in chemical engineering. I used to be in nuclear engineering but I realized I cant stand Physics. I used to want to be a Computer science major too but then I took computer science in highschool and during the summer and I was good at it but got fed up with spending hours on trying to find my errors then realizing I capitalized the wrong letter when calling an object ;_; After all that, I like chemical engineering since I find it interesting.

My favorite hobby is to make art in photoshop (graphic design stuff). Whenever im stressed out of school or work or whatever, I just open photoshop and make something. It clears my head. Im that guy that friends go to when they need a six pack photoshopped onto their chest. To my friends, they think Im really good at designing and are confused why Im not majoring in Graphic design but i just dont see it as a major - Thats just me though.

youtube icon I LIKE TRAINS (I'll be amazed if you get the reference)
  1. get in your car
  2. Drive to papa johns
  3. order a pizza of your choice
  4. call your friends over
  5. fabricate a lie where you claim you made the pizza without any help at all
Class Expected Grade
CH101 A
PY205 B
E115 S
E101 A
Eagle I made